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Bowls for smoking glass hand pipes. For your smoking pleasure, Tobacco & Vape Mart New York has a beautiful selection of glass pipes, hand pipes, and spoons. We offer a pipe to fit your paw, from simple styles to hefty patterns. The classic, old-school smoking instrument used by your parents and grandparents is the hand pipe. Our borosilicate glass pipes, sometimes known as “bowls,” are ideal for all types of smokers. Unless you’re looking for a bubbler, glass hand pipes usually provide you with dry smoke, which directs to the fact that your smoke isn’t diffused by water.
For some people, they may prefer a bond or a dab rig instead while some opt for hand pipes like spoons and Sherlocks which mark the convenience of easy travel and portability. To smoke tobacco, dry herbs, or any other legal substance in a glass pipe, you just have to pack the material into the bowl chamber, light it with a flame, and go set to smoke! A hole on the side known as a “carb” is frequently present and caters to removing smoke and changing airflow. Ask your grandfather, and he will show you the smoking style. Every product featured in our store is thoroughly tested and hand-curated by our staff of “connoisseurs,” so no matter what your taste, we have the ideal perfect pipe and accessories for you at our head store at extremely reasonable prices!